Gateway Skate Starting Point Changing Parking Lots

The Monday night Gateway skate has had a few different meeting locations over the years.  For a long time we were at the “Hadley Lot” just south of Mills Fleet Farm.  Most recently we have been in the main parking lot between Mahtomedi High School and Wildwoods Elementary School near the baseball fields.  This past week that lot was pea graveled by the pea brains in charge.  As a result, the Gateway skate will congregate to the East a few hundred yards in the parking lot at Wildwoods Elementary School. That parking lot has had parking and driving lines painted on after it was repaved, so it doesn’t appear they plan to pea gravel it at this point.

Skaters will still use the same entrance from Highway 12, but rather than stopping in the main parking lot, skaters will proceed on the road to the right and follow it past the soccer/lacrosse fields towards Wildwoods Elementary.