Park’n Roll Skate and Cookie Festival

2018 Park’n Roll Skate and Cookie Festival in Munroe Falls, Ohio:

Come see the beauty of Ohio on this skate with your fellow members of the skating community. Whether you skate for speed, or skate for fun, or have a Derby/art/hockey skater inside you, you are all welcome here!  The event is held Saturday, August 25th.


This year’s skate challenge will be a half-marathon or 5K, circling the Munroe Falls Lake. You will skate over bridges and hills, and learn from other experienced skaters in the process. This is a gateway race for all those wanting to start competing in outdoor skate races/marathons. You will also get the chance to have some fun and taste-test COOKIES!!!


For those who aren’t trying to set land-speed records, come out and have a blast skating around the park with your favorite Derby skaters while listening to music from our DJ, or sign up with a friend and wear matching COSTUMES! (Would love to give a special gift to anyone showing up with a costume!) The important thing here is that you GET THERE.


Half the battle is showing up at the starting line. To reward those who have the GUTS TO GET THERE, we will make sure that everyone who preregisters for the race (and shows up) receives a t-shirt. Participation medals and placement awards are also given.


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Misty Sommers