Dunfee and Dahlmann Get The Roses

. . . more thorns from Anderson Race Management.

Skaters were treated to a sunny and mild June morning for the annual Roll For the Roses in Roseville.  Kelin Dunfee, Danny Frederick, and Elias Hendrickson separated themselves from the field in the first mile.  After a few miles more, Kelin had separated himself completely and would skate away with the race.  I overheard the police officer that was driving the pace car express shock at the speed of the race.  Danny Frederick surprised many with an impromptu drubbing of his former fellow local skaters.  Elias Hendrickson and Danny skated the race together giving it all they had, but they could not close the gap.  Melissa Dahlmann fell off the pace early, but battled back and passed multiple skaters in the races final stretch to win the women’s event.  Anderson Race Management is reporting the winning time as being 16:29.

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Danny Frederick wasn’t the only skaters to make a surprise appearance at the Roll For the Roses.  Long lost Chris Lomen, of Sabertooth Crossfit, made a trip around the course in one of his first times on skates this season.  He would manage to hang on to the lead paceline.

Kara Parker can be seen in the photos as the first female into the oval and the winner of the 5k Run For the Roses.  She finished behind only a handful of the male runners.  It also appears to be the first time in race history that Jesse Peterson beat his old man, Tom Peterson, by edging him at the finish line.  Tom entered the oval with the lead, but managed to blow it.  Congrats Jesse.  Tom will have to call Michael Mullery and commiserate.

Anderson Race Management, which botched last weeks Apostle Island Inline Marathon, and badly messed up last seasons Roll For The Roses, was proactive in calling racers to their desk to confirm race order and finishing times.  While such a step should not be needed, we commend them for being thorough and making every effort to get it right today.  Their efforts, however, appear to have failed. Chris Lomen’s chip did not record a time and he is currently missing from the online rankings.  Conrade Thomas is missing from the rankings, as is Don Howard.  Promptly let me know who else is missing from the results. Jay Jackson’s half marathon time from the Apostle Islands still shows three hours and 11 minutes, rather than roughly 58 minutes. UPDATE: on 6/26 Anderson updated Jay’s time to 58:15.

Are the listed times for the Roll For the Roses accurate?  Remember only the finishing order will matter for the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings.

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Please review results for accuracy.  The results below will be used for calculating the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix.  Contact me with order issues.

1.  Kelin Dunfee

2.  Danny Frederick

3.  Elias Hendrickson

4. Jeff Terwilliger

5. Conrade Thomas

6. Josiah Hendrickson

7.  Chris Lomen

8. Jesse Peterson

9. Tommy Peterson

10. Darril Otto

11. Michael Mullery

12. John Schulte

13. Melissa Dahlmann

14. Brian Geisel

15. Greg Miller

16. Ian Frederick

17. Bob Gerhard

18. Mack Hanson

19. Sami Banat

20. Jeffrey Steltz

21. Allie Thunstrom

22. Auggie Herman

23. Maddie Lang

24. Giorgia Birkeland

25. Tim Pothen

26. Gary Davis

27. Paul Foss

28. Paul Meyering

29. James Sokolowski

30. Gary Yanagita

31. Allison Talley

32. Christopher Olson

33. Don Howard

34. Roger Olson

35. Darrell Hauge

36. Adam Bradley

37. Aidan Laughrin

38.  AJ Riccobono

39. Christifer Bowers

40. Tim Cerling

41. Kent Kosobayashi

42. Curtis Hendrickson

43. Patrick Olson

44. Jana Davis

45. Laura Tracy

46.  Michael Pekarik

47. Dan Archambeau

48. Steve Wilcox

49. CJ Lange

50. Chuck Smerdon

51. Ben Weber

52. Caden Barber

53. Kyle Blood

54. Leah Severseike

55. Garrett Schure

56. Kathy Wagle

57. John Tavernit

58. Taylor Stehlik

59. Dan Boche

60. Shannon Olean

61. Chase Archambeau

62. Kim Kafka

63. Gus Quade

64. Jeanne Randall

65. Michelle Gustafson

66. Terri Levin

67. Nicole Kafka

68. Emilia Line

69. Corrie Line

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Melissa had a lousy start and spent the remainder of the race trying to make up for lost time.  By the time she had reached Hamline Ave. she was well on her to a strong finish.  Allie Thunstrom led the pack of Midway skaters and was closely followed into the oval by fast improving Maddie Lange who edged Giorgia Birkeland at the line.

1. Melissa Dahlmann

2. Allie Thunstrum

3.  Maddie Lange

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Top 10 Photos Of The Event:

10.  Michael Pekarik and his mustache

9.  It is Back To The Fifties Weekend at the Fairground, so I was pleased to capture a couple of Hot Rods in the race photos including this 1952 Chevy 3100 truck.

8.  Danny Frederick stopping into town for a night to remind us all he is still faster than us.  Blame it on the altitude training.

7.  Jesse Peterson smiling like a ladies man in his race photos this year.  The top photo is from Roll For the Roses, the bottom photo is from Madeline Island.

Apostle Island Inline Marathon Jesse Peterson about to steal your girl


6.  Allie Thunstrom leading the Midway crew up the first hill.  Allie is a former Ms. Hockey, qualified for Olympic Trials as a Long Track Speedskater, and is holding her own as an inliner.  Bonus points for the fancy helmet.

5.  Roger Olson continues his recovery.  It is always so much fun to see Roger and Victoria in town.

4.  Chris Lomen hanging with the big boys despite spending little time on his skates.


3.  Tommy that was a pretty big lead.  Did Anderson Race Management make a mistake?  They do that from time to time.

2.  Brian Giesel didn’t study the course in advance, was skating it for the first time, and didn’t know where to go.  Always know the course.

1.  I didn’t catch whose birthday it was, but Happy Birthday.