Apostle Islands Inline Marathon Dry For Most – Dunfee/Dahlmann Win

Dunfee and Dahlmann Win

Anderson Race Management Loses . . . Again

Kelin Dunfee, Steve Meisinger, and Steffen Howard have now all won the Apostle Islands Inline Marathon.  Saturday it was Kelin that would pull away from Steve and Steffen on the final lap.  Those three skaters broke from the field early and battled it out.  Dunfee made a break for it on the last lap, but was reeled in.  Dunfee made another break for it, and Steve and Steffen had no answer.  The ladies race was closer, but Melissa Dahlmann skated to victory.  Jesse Peterson, who runs sub five minute miles, won the Half Marathon.  All three race winners skate for Adam’s Inline.  None of the three were initially reported by timing chip company Anderson Race Management as having won their event.  Photos can be found here.

The weather terrorists, aka meteorologists, spent the week saying it was going to be raining first thing Saturday morning.  The rain held off until just after the vast majority of skaters had finished.  The weather, however, wasn’t the only problem to plague the post race festivities.

Race results from Anderson Race Management are incorrect again.  Recall Anderson Race Management was responsible for the botched results after last season’s Roll For The Roses. Kelin Dunfee’s last lap isn’t recorded.  Steve Meisinger, who finished third behind Steffen Howard, is reported as 7th in his category.  Steffan Howard’s chip did not register a third lap.  Times that were recorded are not accurate for many skaters.  Men have walked on the moon, but we can’t get stopwatches to work?  Anderson’s website does an awful job of displaying results.  The inaccurate results page is here.  Who won the race?  There is no way to tell who won the overall as all results are divided into categories based on age groups and race entered.  Photos from the event turned out alright – click here.

On the following Monday afternoon, the Apostle Islands Inline Marathon via the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce sent a bulk e-mail to participants alleging the faulty results had been fixed.  The link in the e-mail led to White River Timing.  That website does not contain any results for the 2018 Apostle Islands Inline Marathon.  An hour later they sent a subsequent e-mail with a link to results.  The link, however, still led to inaccurate results.

Late Tuesday morning, however, the results finally included Steve Meisinger, Kelin Dunfee, and Steffen Howard and have what appears to be their accurate times.  Half Marathon results are still inaccurate.  Photos indicate Jesse Peterson crossing the line well ahead of Peter and Tammy Davis, but results list Jesse three minutes behind them.  Jay Jackson was shortly behind Peterson, but results indicate his half marathon took 3 hours and 11 minutes.  Please review results careful for any further issues.  Click here for results or see below.

Tuesday evening the Half Marathon results were corrected to reflect Jesse Peterson winning, but second place finisher Jay Jackson still checks in at over 3 hours.  As of Thursday morning (6/21), Jay Jackson’s three hour and 11 minute record for longest second place finish in a half marathon still stands.  UPDATE: on 6/26 Anderson updated Jay’s time to 58:15.

One of the reasons for consternation about inaccurate race results is that it prevents the calculation of the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix standings.  The MIGP lets skaters compete against fellow inline skaters in the season long race series.  Skaters are awarded points based on their individual race performances in each race.  The seasons top performers will be honored at the Northshore Inline Marathon banquet.  Click here for more information.

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Click here for the photo gallery.

Overall Marathon:

Dunfee, Howard, and Meisinger were together for two and a half laps.  Kelin took off, was reeled in, then went again and Steffan and Steve had no answer.  Hendrickson spent the entire race alone between the top three and the chase pack that never caught up.  Dunfee skated a 1:05:43.  That is not a time typically skated outside Duluth.

1. Kelin Dunfee 1:05:43

2. Steffen Howard 1:07:22

3. Steve Meisinger 1:07:22

4. Elias Hendrickson 1:13:56

5. Josiah Hendrickson 1:15:40

6.  Ryan McGee 1:16:12

7. Uel Archuletta 1:16:35

8. Matt Kitzis 1:16:36

9. Isaac Harker 1:16:38

10. Tucker Vincent 1:16:40

11. Adam Johnson 1:16:41

12. Brent Leaman 1:16:42

13. Ian Torchia 1:16:44

14. Mithell Laufer 1:16:44

15. Ben Hall 1:16:46

16. Jim McKee 1:17:56

17. Randy Plett 1:18:34

18. Jeff Terwilliger 1:18:35

19. Chris Rojo 1:18:35

20. John Thurmon 1:18:36

21. Kimon Papahadlsdkfjlksdfkj 1:18:37

22. Michael Mullery 1:18:38

23. Gary Johnson 1:18:39

24. John Crysdale 1:18:39

25. Tommy Peterson 1:18:39

26. Paul O’Hearn 1:18:39

27. John Schulte 1:18:40

28. Rick Abrahamson 1:18:41

29. Brian Holtan 1:18:45

30. Daniel Collins 1:18:53

31. Noel Creager 1:19:48

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Team SAFE of California was the talk of this category.  The team had a large contingent of skaters that used team tactics to their advantage.  They slowed the pace at times, pushed it at times, and created opportune moments for one of their skaters to escape the pack and get away.  This groups overall race was quite pedestrian compared to their previous seasons when times were closer to 1:12 or 1:13 in favorable weather conditions.

1. Jim McKee 1:17:56

2. Randy Plett 1:18:34

3. Jeff Terwilliger

4. Chris Rojo

5. John Thurmon

6. Kimon Papahadjsdlfkjlsdkfj

7. Michael Mullery

8. Gary Johnson

9. John Crysdale

10. Tommy Peterson

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Pro Women’s Marathon:

The top women hung together and sprinted it out at the end.   Halsey leads Rehklau and Dahlmann in the photo above, but it didn’t stay that way.

1. Melissa Dahlmann 1:23:23

2. Miranda Halsey 1:23:24

3. Sarah Rehklau 1:23:26

4. Candy Wong 1:23:25

5. Molly Sievert 1:23:36

6. Carolyn Spiewak 1:25:36

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Apostle Island Inline Marathon Travis Lambert

Recreational Marathon:


1. Tracy White 1:22:23

2. Travis Lambert 1:22:24

3. John Peck 1:22:26

4. Matt Melanson 1:22:26

5. Michael Olson

Rec Women:

1. Brittney Schultz 1:29:25

2. Tamara Topley 1:29:39


Half Marathon:

Jesse took off on the last lap and skated away with an easy victory.  Half marathon results appear to be inaccurate, stay tuned for updates.

1. Jesse Peterson

2. Jay Jackson (as of 6/19 results indicate Jay skated a 3 hour and 11 minute half marathon)

Peter Davis

Tammy Davis

Aaron Anderson

David Lawler

Ryan Noack

Cheryl Conklin

Michael Clark

Wallance Gelhar

Ron Lowrie

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Top 10 Photos of The Event:

10.  Michael Pekarik with the events best mustache.

9.  Rosalind Sandburg matches the flowers in the background


8.  Isaac Harker, Adam Johnson, Ryan McGee, Brent Leaman, Uel Archulletta

7.  Katelyn Greene smiling in every photo


6.  The couple that skates together . . . has an awkward ride home when he out-sprints her at the end. 508 Peter Davis and 509 Tammy Davis.


5.  The Bladey Brunch Returns – the greatest skating team name yet.  Alan Bates and Jessica Southworth-Bates above and Cindy Walters and Connie Meek below.


4.  Find someone that looks at you as intensely as Samantha Hewitt looks at the finish line.


3.  CAPTION CONTEST. Dan Collins and Karen Smith.  Karen we are glad the fall wasn’t more serious.



2. Roger Olson’s triumphant, though not the least bit surprising, return to inline

1.  Worst Support Team Ever.  Fittingly he hadn’t brought an umbrella.


Bonus: a dog that skates better than you

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