A Proposal In Amen Corner at The Masters


A Proposal Unlike Any Other

The 12th hole at Augusta National is one of the most scenic holes in all of golf.  It is also where Stephen Fogle decided to propose to his girlfriend Jackie King.  Patrons were lining up for photos not far from the teeing grounds the morning of a Masters practice round.  As I waited for the young couple to get out of the way of a photo I wanted to take, I noticed something wasn’t quite right.  As soon as the photo was taken he reached one hand to his pocket and the other for her hand.  At that point it was obvious what was about to happen, so I readied my camera.  He dropped to one knee, her hands shot to her face, he offered the usual romantic tripe and then nervously waited for an answer.  He cautiously asked “Yes?” and much to his relief she agreed.

Stephen and Jackie, previous strangers to me, reside in Ohio and attended Ohio University where they met and started dating.  Jackie’s father proposed to her mother at the 1986 PGA Championship, so Stephen’s plan should endear him to the in-laws.  When the commotion on the course settled down I was able to pull a clearly relieved Stephen aside and get his e-mail address to provide him the photos below.  The photos from behind Jackie were taken by Stephen’s photographer. Stephen and Jackie have been featured on news stories around Augusta/Atlanta, and Ohio.   They seem like nice kids and I wish them the very best.