125mm Wheels Go Mainstream

125mm Wheels at Wal-Mart

125mm wheels first appeared locally in 2014 at the NSIM.  Since then they have been adopted by many elite level marathon racers.  Now it seems the 125 trend has made its way to the general public.  Wal-mart, the famous inline skating retailer, is now offering a $200 125mm setup.  That amount might not be enough to purchase the 125mm wheels typically worn by local skaters.

The website says the following:

The Engage 125 Cruiser is an all in on, indoor/outdoor, adventure on wheels! The Epic Engage was designed for pure speed and agility, while offering a sense of fashion when cruising down the street, boardwalk, or local skating rink! The hard-shell design, paired with Epic’s one of a kind aircraft grade aluminum frame, offer a seamless combination of comfort and support, without sacrificing your need for speed!

Epic Engage 125mm Indoor/Outdoor Inline Skates: