Cyclists Struck By Hit-and-Run Driver on West Seventh Street

UPDATED: 12/28 The alleged suspects, that were reportedly arrested, have been released.

UPDATED: 12/17 St. Paul Police announced the arrest of the suspected drive and the accused vehicle owner that is believed to have assisted in the attempted cover-up of the accident. The arrests were made Friday and Saturday, but police waited until Sunday to make the announcement. Sunday was also the day Mr. Hernandez’s friends/family/and concerned citizens road from Brasa to the scene of the accident in his honor.

UPDATED: 12/7 Mr. Hernandez has died as a result of the injuries sustained in the hit-and-run.  The driver has still not been located.

Jose Hernandez, an avid cyclist by all media reports, was riding home from his dish washing job at St. Paul’s Brasa Rotisserie, when an SUV ran a red light and ran him over.  Hernandez had ridden from Grand Avenue south to West Seventh, a familiar route, when the beige or tan SUV struck.  According to the GoFundMe the injuries are grave, including brain and skeletal damage.  Police are still searching for the vehicle, which is expected to have substantial front end damage.  The driver may be facing vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of a deadly accident, and perhaps drunk driving charges.

Hernandez’s coworkers at Brasa started a GoFundMe to raise money for medical and potential funeral expenses.

Click here for the GoFundMe page.

Click here for the WCCO coverage.

Given the likely number of security cameras from traffic cams or private property security cameras it is disappointing the police haven’t released a better vehicle description than: tan, possibly SUV, with front end damage.

UPDATE: 11/29

Here is a Pioneer Press article with further details. As to Hernandez the prognosis is grim: “His spine was smashed. There is no brain activity, but the doctors said they would perform another test to make sure.”

The vehicle search now includes: “The vehicle that struck him, believed to be a 2008 to 2010 sage-green Hyundai Santa Fe, was caught on a surveillance camera traveling westbound on West Seventh past Kellogg Boulevard “at a high rate of speed,” possibly as fast as 50 mph, moments before impact. The speed limit in that area is 30 mph. The vehicle stopped for a few seconds, but then kept going. . . Investigators collected “multiple” pieces from the hit-and-run vehicle, including the side passenger mirror, which has yielded clues to the vehicle’s make, likely years of manufacture and color.”