Silver Strand Inline Marathon Results

I am late to the party with this post, but the Silver Strand Inline Marathon was this past weekend in San Diego.  Skaters enjoyed perfect weather (I have no idea what the weather was, but it had to be better than here) along the shores of the Pacific Ocean at Coronado Beach.  Prominent national skaters are well represented in the field.  Minnesota skaters included Rick “Abo” Abrahmson, Dave Swan, Ken Huss, Heather Luberts, John Altwater, Chuck Smerdon, and Kathy Wagle.  Alex Fedak out sprinted the pack of Rob Bell, Joesph Dalton, Matt Malther, Norm Kirby, Ryan Chrisler, Kimon Papahadjopoulos, Rob Motta, Lexi May (top female in the field and she is under 19), Joseph Rodgers, Mechele Busby, Chris Rojo, and Jens Johnsson.  Herb Gayle and Curtis Labeda were 20 seconds back.  Chad McNamee led the next pack across the line a couple of minutes later.

1. Alex Fedak 29:13

2. Rob Bell

3. Joseph Dalton

4. Matthew Walther

5. Norm Kirby

6. Ryan Chrisler

7. Kimon Papahdjopoulos

8. Rob Motta

9. Lexi May

10. Joseph Rodgers

11. Mechele Busby

12. Chris Rojo

13. Jens Johansson

14. Herb Gayle

15. Curtis Adams

16. Chad McNamee

17. Chris Adams

18. Brent Leaman

19. Rick Abrahmson

20. Edward Wachter

Click here for the full results.