Saguaro Inline Marathon Results

131 skaters gathered in the desert under crystal clear skies for the inaugural Saguaro Inline Marathon.  Ben Brown of Colorado won the grueling Men’s event in a time of 1:17.  Mechele Busby won the women’s elite event in 1:26.

Prominent names from around the country joined Minnesota skaters included Greg Miller, Michael Mullery, David Swan, Mike Miller, Ken Huss, Darril Otto, Gary Davis, Dan Teske, Mark Peterson, Doug McDonald (half marathon), Jay Jackson (half marathon), Pat Melby (half marathon), Jana Davis (half marathon) and probably a few others, but those were the ones that jumped off the page (results are categorically presented – see the link below).

Elite Men

1. Ben Brown 1:17

2. Chris Springer

3. Jens Johansson

4. Joseph Dalton

5. Robert Motta

6. Alexander Brewer

7. Chad McNamee

8. Ben Hall

Men’s 50+

1. Grant Foster 1:20

2. James McKee

3. Kimon Papahadjopoulos

4. Chris Rojo

5. Greg Miller 1:27

6. Edward Wachter

7. Michael Mullery 1:31

8. Dave Pate

9. David Swan

Women’s 40+

1. Deborah Brown

Advanced Men 46-56

1. Carl Yee

2. Paul Kim

3. Darril Otto

4. Steve Wagner

5. Gary Davis

6. Eric Edwards

7. Dan Teske

Advanced Men 66+

1. Larry Griese

2. Ken Huss

3. Dennis Stewart

4. Mike Miller

Half Marathon


1. Aiden Meacham 52:57

Master Elite Men 50+

1. Doug McDonald

2. Jay Jackson


Click here for the full results.  Everything is broken down by category rather than just showing all finishers.

Photo from Saguaro Inline Marathon.