Roger Olson Points the RV West

After a summer spent traveling the Midwest, hopping from one inline event to the next, Roger and Virginia waved goodbye to inliners on Sunday.   The RV will take the southern route back to California to avoid any potential snow in the Rockies.  Virginia will have to do all the driving due to Roger’s condition.  Roger was in good spirits Sunday and moved around well showing few signs of the trauma he had been through in the past few weeks.  He had a quadruple bypass on Monday, September 18th at St. Lukes Hospital in Duluth.  The seventy-five year old had completed the NSIM, only days earlier, in 1:27:02, which was good enough for first in his age group and 57th out of 709 recreational finishers.  For the season, Roger finished 17th overall in the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix.  At the luncheon Roger offered words of gratitude to the inline community for the support they have received.  Safe travels and we will see you in the spring.



Roger Olson had a quadruple bypass on Monday, September 18th at St. Lukes Hospital.  Roger Olson, his lovely wife Virginia, and their motor home have been Minnesota mainstays this summer as they enjoy retirement.  Thoughts and prayers are with Roger and his family.  Above is a photo of Roger skating ahead of Terry Holm on Saturday near the finish line in Duluth.  Seventy-five year old Roger completed the marathon in 1:27:02, which was good enough for first in his age group and 57th out of 709 finishers.  For the season, Roger finished 17th overall in the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix – at the age of 75.

Here is what team SAFE posted on Sunday night:

Attention all skaters, I am looking for prayers for one of our greatest ambassadors of our sport…. Tomorrow morning at 7am Roger Olsen will be going into surgery for a possible quadruple bypass! At this time we are just looking for your prayers and well wishes for Roger and his family.
Virginia and the Doctor feel that everything will be just fine… I personally think Roger may set some recovery records…It’s just the kind of guy he is.
More information will follow as it becomes available. I know many of you will have questions, most of which I am unable to answer at this time and I dont think it would be a great plan to bombard Virginia with questions at this time… Please wait for the information.

UPDATE 12:30 PM 9/18:

According to Terry Holm: The bypass surgery was successful and Roger left surgery at 11:30 AM this morning.  He will be at St. Lukes for a week recovering.

UPDATE 8:30 PM 9/18:

According to Virginia Wallace: Roger is out of surgery after quadruple bypass and is getting set up in ICU for recovery. Dr said he has coronary artery disease, probably has had it for awhile and she is surprised he got thru the race Saturday. A testament to his fitness and ‘grit’. His prognosis is excellent if he rehabs diligently which we know he can. He is intubated until tonight and probably won’t be fully conscious for several hours. I’ll send another update tonight. Thank you for all the prayers and feel free to share.

UPDATE: 6:45 PM 9/19

According to Pat Melby: I just left visiting Roger and Virginia. He’s seems to be recovering very well since surgery yesterday. He’s already talking about coming back to racing once he goes through the cardiac rehab program.

UPDATE: 5:35 PM 9/20

According to Virginia: When I arrived this morning Roger was sitting up in a lazy boy looking soooo much better. One of the nurses even braided his hair. Here he’s taking a hit on his ‘hookah pipefr’ to help clear his lungs. I think we are over the worst.


UPDATE 9/22 6 PM:

From Roger Olson: Virginia and I would like to thank everybody for all the well wishes, prayers, and incredible vibes being sent our way. Well as you all know I don’t let the moss grow under my feet very long we’ve been working rehab here in the hospital and things are coming along really well looks like we could be discharged Sunday or Monday then will be heading to Eden Prairie to do some rehab work in the cities for two or three weeks before we start heading back to Southern California for the rest of the rehab. You all know I tell you while you’re sleeping I’m training well I will only be rehabbing for the next three or four months so I’m already registered for 2018 North Shore in line marathon so you better be doing your training next summer you know I’m coming I’m coming back with a vengeance. Again Virginia and I so appreciate all of you having reached out from our wonderful skating community thank you so much.