Guzman Edges Stelly at Soggy North Shore Inline Marathon

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Guzman vs. Stelly

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 was the 22nd running of the North Shore Inline Marathon from Two Harbors to Duluth along the shores of Lake Superior on scenic Highway 61.   Much of the race course has been repaved in recent seasons, and many notorious tar snake pits have been paved over.  Skaters were met with bouts of downpours and wet slick roads.  Despite the slick pavement, a solid tailwind pushed the skaters towards Duluth and led to fast times.  The leaders were just over an hour. Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

After 26 miles the final drag race came down to defending Champion Justin Stelly on 125mm wheels against the World Champion in the 1000m, Venezuelan, Sebastian Guzman on 110mm Storm Surges.   Guzman had better traction in the final yards.

Rob Bell, Danny Frederick, and Alex Fedak won their divisions.

The wet conditions led to a few falls.  The photos show Jeff Steltz getting caught up in someone elses fall and ending up on the ground.  All of the skaters in the photo managed to get up and finish the race.

As for the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings: Kelin Dunfee struggled in the rain and fell off the lead pack, Steve Miesinger finished with the leaders.  Nothing is official until I do the math, but it sure looks like Steve is going to pull it off.

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Chris Lomen won the half in an impressive time given the conditions.

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Important News & Notes:

  • Get Well Soon
    • Rick “Abo” Abraham fell and busted up his shoulder a week before the NSIM.  Despite that he showed up and skated – great job getting through it.
    • Travis Lambert suffered an appendicitis Sunday and missed the race as he recuperates.  Click here to see his new shirt.
    • Michael Mullery pulled a “Dahms” and fell in the parking lot busting up his hands/wrist/chest a week before the NSIM.  Despite the injuries Mullery was able to get in training skates this week and skate the NSIM.  Mullery worked incredibly hard this season and it is disappointing he wasn’t 100% for the race, but great job fighting through it.
  • Condolences to Kaari Cox on the passing of her father.  We wish you would have been able to be up here today. Here is what Kaari had to say about him:
    • Joel J. Anderson July 16, 1932-August 29, 2017 This morning at 3 am, my dad peacefully crossed the last portage. I don’t know what’s on the other side of this portage–call it Heaven, call it whatever you call the place where the best people go–but I believe that it must be a place where he can once again do all the things he enjoys, the things that the horrible disease he fought so hard for 10 years had slowly robbed him of. I imagine that, on the other side of this portage, he’s already drawn up plans to install a hot tub and a sauna. He’s probably traipsed through the woods, looking for berry patches and trout streams and maybe for a nice stand of maple to cut down and make into cutting boards. I’m sure he’s been out on the Big Lake (you KNOW there’s a big lake across that portage) looking for a good place to fish trout, or maybe to set his net (I’m sure nets are legal there!). And I’d bet he’s already staked out his huge vegetable garden, and over a lunch of beer and homemade granola he’s likely thumbed through some seed catalogs and turned down the corners on the pages to mark his selections. Afternoon? He’s probably played a round of golf and maybe assembled his wine-making supplies. And at 5:00–Anderson Happy Hour time–I’m guessing he’s got a trout baking in the oven, maybe some wild rice simmering on the stove, and definitely a blueberry pie cooling on the counter. And I can see him kicked back on the couch with a Gin and Tonic and a bowl of peanuts, deep in a philosophical discussion with his sister Kristi and sister-in-law Donna. So I’m happy for him, on the other side of the portage…but we miss him like Hell over here.
  • Hey NSIM – stop posting a list of registered skaters
  • Sarah Gutknecht Passes Away
    • Sunday, September 17th at the McNamara Center on the UofM Campus a “Celebration of Life” event will be held.
  • Fundraiser for Ryan and Lillian Fuglie
    • Rayna Meyer’s brother and niece died on the shores of Lake Superior last month.
  • Gone But Not Forgotten – Skater Memorial
    • This page has been created to commemorate skaters that have gone before us. Take a quiet moment to remember the friends that were not physically with us this weekend.
  • 2017 Inline Photos
    • Here is a collection of the race and non-race photos throughout the 2017 season. If you have photos to contribute please send them my way.
  • Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings
    • Final Standings will be posted when I get time.  Skaters have two weeks to raise any issues otherwise results are deemed final.
  • Greater Minnesota Speedskating Association
    • Did you pay the late registration fee of $175 for the NSIM?  For only a few dollars more you could have skated all winter at GMSA ice at the Oval.  Click here for more information.
  • 9/11 Commemoration
    • 9/11/01 is beginning to feel like a long time ago.  The children born on that date are now driving.  But we must continue to remind ourselves of the evils of that day and the Islamic monsters that caused it.  When we look back generations after the Pearl Harbor attack, what we remember is that our nation resoundingly dealt a decisive blow that rid the world of our enemies radical ideology and led to generations of peace and friendship between our nations.  When future generations look back on the aftermath of 9/11 will they have that immense sense of pride that their nation responded and grew stronger, or that we meekly capitulated and gave in to our attackers wicked ideology?

Remaining 2017 Inline Events:

For those still seeking more inlining this season you have a few options. A growing contingent of Minnesota skaters are headed to the inaugural Saguaro Sunrise Inline Marathon in Arizona.

Did you see this skater training in Florida before the Hurricane made landfall? Skaters gonna skate.

Overall Marathon Results:

1. Sebastian Guzman 1:03

2. Justin Stelly

3. Jose Bordas

4. Yann Guyader

5. Daniel Brown

6. Zach Stoppelmoor

7. Wesley Gandy

8. Francisco Ramirez

9. Steffan Howard

10. Christian Keesler

11. Christian Keesler (name appears twice in the rankings with different Bib #)

12. Michael Garcia

13. Rob Bell

14. Eddy Matzger

15. Steve Meisinger

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Overall Female:

1. Manon Marriet Kamminga 1:16

2. Morgan McKey

3. Chelsilee Lagault

4. Jennifer Ibarra

5. Nicole Bischoff

6. Heather Lee Laufer

7. Vanessa Ayala

8. Deborah Brown

9. Miranda Halsey

10. Kara Parker

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Age Group Results:

Elite 30-39:

1. Rob Bell

2. Steve Meisinger

3. Rob Campell

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Elite 40-49:

1. Danny Frederick

2. Uel Archuletta

3. Jens Johansson

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Elite 50-59:

1. Alex Fedak

2. Jairo Ballesteros

3. John Thurmon

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.


14 and Under

1. Tucker Vincent

2. John Butler


1. Ryan Thomas

2. Shawn Henkelman

3. Izaak Smith


1. Daniel Uribe

2. Zakery Archuletta

3. Joel Vaillancourt


1. Aivin Guzman

2. Josiah Hendrickson

3. Dino Musielewicz


1. Spencer Parulski

2. Chad Wilson

3. Houston Trim


1. Josh Mayfield

2. Ben Price

3. Deke Finley


1. Chad McNamee

2. Tracy White

3. John Peck


1. Daniel Overby

2. Jason Kissner

3. Steve Wagner


1. Mark Christenson

2. Michael Olson

3. Torrie Enget


1. Ron McKey

2. Paul Krentz

3. William Field


1. Brian Wolf

2. Matt Melanson

3. Dave Pate


1. Alan Marcosson

2. Larry Griffin

3. Ken Huss


1. Terry Holm

2. Bob Harwell

3. Wayne Marshall


1. Roger Olson

2. Jim White

3. Mike Miller

Skate Like An Egyptian


14 and Under

1. Claudia Brodsky

2. Jessica Garner

3. Kelly Peterson

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.


1. Anastasia Ash

2. Sarah Stream

3. Macy Ecklin


1. Jenna Sweeten

2. Nicole Dumonski

3. Nina Arteaga


1. Sarai Pegram

2. Katelin Roos

3. Erin Stenseth


1. Erin Topley

2. Melissa Goble

3. Heather Luberts


1. Andrea Mueller

2. Sarah Kidwell

3. Trinity Galhar


1. Jennifer Keppler

2. Tamara Topley

3. Jennifer Jones


1. Tonya Westphal

2. Michelle Laborde

3. Connie Ecklund


1. Cynthia Head

2. Charlene Carroll Hanisch

3. Lori Hausken

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.


1. Margo Carvell

2. Kristen Corr

3. Sue Scheer


1. Kathleen Culhane-Pera

2. Pam Ellison

3. Judith Israel


1. Anna Nelson

2. Jan Sommerfeld


1. Connie Meek

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Half Marathon Results:

1. Chris Lomen 39:14

2. Jay Jackson

3. Andrew Yan

4. Jesse Peterson

5. Jaylin Li

6. Tim Bliek

7. Anissa Beattie

8. Jason Dong

9. David Lawler

10. Marley Bartrom

11. Cory Nielson

12. Gary Davis

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

The Combined:

1. Bruce Sienkowksi

2. Jason Mann

3. Nicole Werts

4. Kacie Cleveland

5. Deborah White

6. Pete Davis

7. Scott Mattson

8. William Harrison

9. Mat Larson

10. Mark Peterson


1. Zachary Nelson

2. Christopher Hecker

3. Gary Johnson

Click here for the NSIM Photo Gallery.

Excerpt From Past NSIM Coverage:

In reviewing prior NSIM posts I saw the following text from the 2014 coverage. At the time the mere thought of a three wheel 125mm wheel set up seemed laughable. Now half the people I skate with are on them. Most skaters find them to be lighter and to roll smoother, but are harder to turn and climb hills in.  Interestingly, 125′s had routinely been worn by subsequent winners, but the streak was snapped this year.

125mm Wheels:

“Rumor has it the overall winner was skating on 125mm wheels. The photo above is from . It appears from some of the websites that the 125mm setup is not legal in European cup inline races, but there is no such prohibition here. One would think the 125mm wheel setup would be heavy, but if you are only using three wheels the weight might be similar to a 110mm set up. Either way, it worked.” — quote from the 2014 NSIM race post.