Summer Inline Series Final Results

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Wednesday, August 23rd, was the final night of the 2017 Summer Inline Series.  Skaters competed in races of 4, 6, and 2 laps, before a final one lap sprint.  Kelin Dunfee would dominate in the Elite Group and Auggie Herman would benefit from a lazy Jesse Peterson effort to pick up wins in the Over/Under group.  After a long string of rainouts, skaters enjoyed perfect weather.

Thank you to Tom Peterson, who wins the Ironman Award for showing up every week.  Thank you to Rebekah Dyrud Raftshol for getting the Midway Skate Club involved.  Thank you to Mary Bos for the photos, and Katy Herman for handling logistics.

Good luck to skaters headed to Grand Forks.  There is still time to register.  The message out of Grand Forks has been that registrations are low, so if you are on the fence about going please do.  These events either get supported or they go away.


Final Standings

Elite Category:

1 Tom Peterson
2 Melissa Dahlmann
3 Arne Boberg
4 Kelin Dunfee
5 Michael Mullery
6 Greg Miller
7 Stefan Ronchetti
8 Jeff Terwilliger
9 Isaac Harker
10 Adam Johnson
11 Randy Landucci
12 Sami



1 Jesse Peterson
2 Auggie Herman
3 Rebekah Dyrud Raftshol
4 Kylie Peterson
5 Emily Bos
6 Greta
7 Michael Johnson
8 Darrell
9 Kevin Johnson
10 Michael Pekarik
11 Caden
12 Hans
13 Isla
14 Susan
15 Kate