Photos from the Kostka/Dahl Memorial Skate

Skaters gathered at Elm Creek on the morning of August 12, 2017 to honor Andy Kostka and Daryl Dahl.  This was the Fifth Annual Kostka and Third Annual Dahl skate.  Over 20 skaters/riders and family showed up for the event.  Among attendees were Betsy and Brynn, Andy’s widow and daughter.  Brynn is now eight years old and a dancer.  We may need to get more involved in her life to get her on skates, but it sounds like she will already have good balance.   Skaters shared stories, visited both memorial benches, and dined.

For those familiar with the location of Andy’s bench, you will have no issues finding Daryl’s as it is just forty yards down the trail from Andy’s.  We had a great time remembering a couple of good men that left us way too soon.  Thank you to all that shared stories, including Roger Olson, who gave us all a good laugh.

Have you seen those new curved TVs?  Ovid now has a first of its kind curved smartphones as a result of a fall at Elm Creek.  Earl was also caught up in the action, but both seemed okay at lunch.  Thankfully the physical injuries were not more serious.

Also of note from the Memorial Skate was our involvement in a City of Champlin promotional video.  The photographers showed us the drone footage of our group skate/ride and had us skate an extra pass so they could get slow motion photography.  They stated they would e-mail me the footage, but as of yet I haven’t seen anything.

Skaters also paused to remember Rayna Meyer’s brother and niece who died this week in an accident on Lake Superior.  Hang in there Rayna.