Current Summer Inline Series Standings

The Summer Inline Series continues Wednesday, if it is dry, at the oval at 6:00 PM.  Racing is free.  Skaters compete in four races of various lengths each night.  Skaters are divided into two groups: the elites, and the Over/Under group (which was given that name by one of its participants that noted all its skaters were either over the hill or under aged).

Elite Standings:

1. Tom Peterson
2. Melissa Dahlmann
3. Arne Boberg
4. Kelin Dunfee
5. Michael Mullery
6. Greg Miller
7. Stefan Ronchetti
8. Jeff Terwilliger
9. Isaac Harker
10. Adam Johnson
11. Randy Landucci
12. Sami

Over Under Standings:

1. Jesse Peterson
2. Kylie Peterson
3. Rebekah Dyrud
4. Auggie Herman
5. Emily Bos
6. Greta
7. Michael Johnson
8. Darrell
9. Kevin Johnson
10. Caden
11. Hans
12. Michael Pekarik
13. Isla
14. Susan
15. Kate