Stelly Wins In Chicagoland


Video from the 7k rec event.

Sunday July 23rd on the streets surrounding the AT&T complex in Hoffman Estates, Illiniois, the 2017 Chicagoland Inline Marathon was won by Justin Stelly. This is not the first time Stelly stood at the top of that podium. Stelly also won the memorable 2012 Chicagoland event.

Stelly, Rob Bell, and Steffen Howard, Steve Meisinger, and Kelin Dunfee were together for the first four laps. At the end of the fifth lap Dunfee was sliding off the back of the pack. On the final lap Meisinger would endure the same fate.

After Dunfee the top Minnesota finisher was Michael Mullery, Chuck Laufer of Wisconsin was right behind him. Matt Robinson, Herb Gayle, Greg Miller, Josiah Hendrickson also had solid performances.

Roger Olson and Ken Huss had nice performances in the recreational division.

Grand Prix results can be found here.


1. Justin Stelly 1:16:02

2. Rob Bell 1:16:04

3. Steffen Howard 1:16:04

4. Steve Meisinger 1:17:11

5. Kelin Dunfee 1:19:45

6. Alex Fedak

7. Jens Johnsson

8. Michael Mullery 1:27:35

9. Chuck Laufer

10. Hernan Diaz

11. Matt Robinson

12. Paul O’Hearn

13. Peter Starykowicz

14. Herb Gayle

15. Greg Miller

16. Josiah Hendrickson

17. Elizabeth Swygart

18. Hannah Vanasse

19. Chris Kehklau

20. John Peck


Recreational Division

1. Roger Olson 1:45

2. Douglas Bantz

3. Richard Zitelli

4. Daniel Linzmeier

5. Lindsey Corcoran

6. Dolores Fischinger

7. Michael Corr

8. Lubos Prochazka

9. Ken Huss

10. Mike Chonarzekwsi

13. Mike Miller

16. Ken Haga


Half Marathon

1. Steve Wagner

2. Dan McGuire

3. Jason Thiel

4. James Demerath

5. Michael Clark


7k Rec Race

1. Eleri Scott

2. Parker Wu

3. Kole Zimmerman