Roll For The Roses Releases Corrected Results – Still Wrong

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After three weeks, Roll For The Roses and Anderson Timing have released what they deem to be final results.  Please review and let me know of issues or these are the results that will be used for Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Scoring.  It has been brought to my attention that some skaters have been dropped from the rankings that were previously included.  Not sure how that happens, but Anderson Timing seems to find a way to muck things up.

Here is Matt’s e-mail:

Good Afternoon:

You are receiving this email because you contacted me earlier regarding the Roll for the Roses finishing times.

I’m writing to let you know that we have put together and published updated results for the event. Click here to view the updated results. These results were compiled using a combination of chip time, gun time and sequence of finish (using photographs). It is likely imperfect, but is far more accurate than the original results.

After consulting with Anderson Race Management, we found a couple of factors contributed to the timing errors that we saw:

1.       The database was errantly set up in a manner that did not allow easy exportation of divisions. Essentially, all 75 racers were set in one list. In the haste to manually correct this error, the staff on site was not able to recognize the subsequent sequencing issues listed below until we received emails the week following the event. The database issue is easily correctable and will be tested and checked next year.

2.       Anderson Race Management’s default system used chip time to rank the racers. However, because many of the rollers come in within a fraction of a second of each other, this can lead to a sorting error. We saw many situations where a racers “start time” was one or two seconds behind their competitors (because of their proximity to the starting line when the horn went off), so the system thought that they were ahead of skaters that they finished behind. In 2018, we will use the gun time as the primary sort for the rollers.

3.       Because of the trip hazard, ARM is unable to use the “on the ground timing mat” that they use for the runners as a backup timing system, leading to more missed times than the runners have. In an effort to correct that, we plan to have an extra person manually recording finishers to ensure that any “missed” racers, get correctly sequenced.

Again, I want to thank you for your patience through this process. We are confident that given the corrections listed above, and a few other modification, we can ensure that the timing issue will be resolved in 2018. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you for your continued support of the Roll for the Roses.


2017 Roll for the Roses ‐ Corrected Results

Men’s Pro

1 Jeff Terwilliger M 0:17:47
2 Chris Lomen M 0:18:08
3 Gary Johnson M 0:18:08
4 Conrad Thomas M 0:18:09
5 Greg Miller M 0:18:11
6 Josiah Hendrickson M 0:18:12
7 Michael Mullery M 0:18:12
8 noel creager M 0:18:14
9 John Schulte M 0:19:48
10 Todd Schnedier M 0:19:49
11 Paul Meyering M 0:19:47
12 Mack Hanson M 0:19:51

That is not a typo in the timing – Anderson Timing’s updated scoring includes skaters ranked with slower times ahead of faster times.  They also neglected to include Jim Sokolowski who finished right about here.

13 Tim Pothen M 0:20:01
14 Andrew Yan M 0:22:17
15 Rebekah Raftshol M 0:22:43
16 Charlie Auspos M 0:23:19
17 Auggie Herman M 0:26:15
18 Dan Pagels M 0:29:05

Mens Rec Fitness Results

1 Andrey Zhuikov M 0:18:10
2 Jeffrey Steltz M 0:19:47
3 Darril Otto M 0:20:41
4 Roger Olson M 0:22:24
5 Gary Davis M 0:22:30
6 Sami Banat M 0:22:56
7 Darrell Hauge M 0:23:50
8 Patrick Stream M 0:25:08
9 Ken Huss M 0:25:40
10 Scott Rohlik M 0:26:00
11 Andrew Helmich M 0:26:05
12 Curtis Hendrickson M 0:26:09
13 Hans Myers M 0:27:18
14 Michael Pekarik M 0:27:42
15 Eric Elder M 0:27:51
16 Charles Smerdon M 0:30:29
17 Caden Barber M 0:31:03
18 CJ Lange M 0:31:04
19 John Tavernit M 0:31:41
20 Daniel Boche M 0:35:17
21 Ben Weber M 0:38:23
22 Riley Lackner M 0:41:29

Women’s Rec Fitness Results

1 Giorgia Birkeland F 0:22:18
2 Allie Thunstrom F 0:22:20
3 Alison Talley F 0:23:03
4 Melanie Pankow F 0:24:11
5 Greta Myers F 0:26:05
6 Jenna Barhorst F 0:28:54
7 Jana Davis F 0:29:22
8 Kathy Wagle F 0:30:31
9 Alexa Davis F 0:34:26
10 Kathie Pugaczewski F 0:39:08
11 Michelle Gustafson F 0:39:13
12 Megan McGough F 0:39:14
13 Laura Maertens F 0:41:10
14 Sara Citrowske F 0:41:25
15 Chelsea Witwicke F 0:41:45
16 Ahna Logan F 0:41:46
17 Debra Weber F 0:41:48
18 Rochelle Westlund F 0:45:25
19 Emilia Line F 1:01:49

Women’s Pro Racer Results

1 Melissa Dahlmann F 0:19:09
2 Madeline Lange F 0:22:16
3 Christina Larson‐Dickson F 0:24:03
4 Heather Luberts F 0:25:16
5 Mary Jo McGuire F 0:45:23