Roll For the Roses Timing Update

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Here is a message Matthew Johnson, the Program and Facilities Manager for Roseville, sent out regarding the timing situation at Roll For the Roses / Run For the Roses.  One has to imagine the guy really does have more important things to worry about that a faulty timing chip.  We want to make sure those that put the time and energy into running these events know how much we appreciate their efforts.  So if you speak with him about this or any other issue, be sure to let him know we recognize and appreciate the time and energy that goes into running an event.


You are receiving this email because you contacted me expressing concerns with the Roll for the Roses results, and I wanted to send you an update before the holiday weekend. As I expressed to each of you individually, there were multiple problems at the finish line. We were aware that we had an issue with categories on Saturday, but we (or at least I) was not aware that the auto timing system seems to have flip flopped many of the finish times in the in the first pack of racers leading to wide spread errors. Based on finish line photos and input from a few racers (to help identify those photographed), Anderson is trying to reverse-engineer the results to figure out what went wrong and how it can be corrected. There is also some hope (although certainly no guarantee) that if they identify the issue, they can accurately correct this year’s race results. Perhaps more importantly, if they can figure out what happened this year, it can be corrected moving forward.


Currently, from various sources of information, I feel I have a fairly accurate list of the order of the top finishers and racers correctly categorized. However, I want to give Anderson a little more time to try to figure out exactly what happened before I send out that list, in hopes that we can have something more rock solid than what we currently have. Additionally, I am fearful that sending out something that isn’t 100% solid will only reignite things with the inline community, and I don’t want to needlessly do that. Given that information, at this point I am going to wait until next week (likely late in the week given the holiday weekend) to send anything out. However, I want to be transparent about where we are at in the process and don’t want you to think that nothing has been done this week.


I also understand how infuriating it is to read “fairly accurate” and “using photos to compile a list” in a race that is supposed to be chip timed. We are already working to figure out a way to fix this problem for next year and improve the race as a whole. Some ideas include:


1)      Increased emphasis on bib placement (with the rate of speed that inliners come in at, bib placement matters a lot).

2)      Completion of a “simulated race” in the Anderson system to ensure that everything is recording appropriately prior to the race.

3)      Use of a person familiar with the inline community to check results to ensure we are getting accurate readings.

4)      Increased redundancy at the finish line (IE – another person manually tracking finishers).


Of course, as we figure out what caused the failure this year, we will be able to better target our improvements for next year.


I would also like to add that Anderson has been forthright and accountable for what happened with the timing on Saturday. They understand the impact that this has on the race and have been working with me daily to try to sort this out. Additionally, we are all committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


I appreciate the feedback you sent, and your patience as we sort this out.


Thank you!





Matthew L Johnson – Program and Facilities Manager

(651) 792-7121

2661 Civic Center Drive

Roseville, MN 55113