Pray for Sarah Gutknecht

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It is with a very heavy heart and reverence, I inform you of our dear friend and fellow skater, Sarah Gutknecht’s health status. In March 2016, Sarah was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer. You can follow along with her journey at She was hoping to skate the August 5, Minnesota Half Marathon; however, a recent PET scan showed multiple liver metastases. She has stopped chemotherapy and has enrolled in hospice care. This week her oncologist has predicted 6 weeks to three months. She is currently “feeling well, active, and independent”.

Per my request, Sarah has given me permission to announce her health status to you; our skating community. It is my hope we optimize our opportunity to express our appreciation for Sarah, in ways that seem most personally authentic and fit to you and our skating community.

May I begin? Sarah, your smile is the window into a soul with infinite power to heal. Gracing my classes with your presence was a great honor to me. The way you looked at children in our skating classes, was a window into a soul with endless love, generosity and healing; which you freely gave. Namaste, my friend, Namaste, for an eternity.

If you so choose, Sarah’s caringbridge site has a place for comment and tribute.

Please forward the information to any other skating community member who may not be on this list.

Warm Regards,

Noelle Robichon

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