Roll For The Roses Results and Photos

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Every Rose Has its Thorn Twig

Michael Mullery led the field out of the gate in the 2017 Roll For The Roses on Saturday morning in Roseville.  But it was Jeff Terwilliger and Gary Johnson that jumped out in front on a breakaway. Skaters encountered substantially cooler weather than one would expect for the end of June, and had to battle the breeze.  Twig and Johnson pulled away from the pack on the backside of the course.  By the time skaters reached the oval, Twig was well ahead.   Long lost Chris Lomen, who hasn’t skated with us all season, laid back and entered the final spin around the oval in about fifth place.  Lomen sprinted around the track and ended up in second.  Johnson hung onto third.

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In the ladies race Melissa Dahlmann skated to the win.

Online results are wrong, as we have come to expect.  For example, Gary Johnson finished third, and was awarded the third place envelope, but is listed as finishing dead last with a time of 1:04:49 (Conrade Thomas and John Schulte are not in the online results at all).  Further, online results do not separate/delineate between rec/pro skaters.  If your name is not in the online results please contact me and let me know approximately where you finished, so I can get the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix results as accurate as possible.

Overall results:

1. Jeff Terwilliger 17:49

2. Chris Lomen

3. Gary Johnson

4. Conrade Thomas

5. Greg Miller

6. Andrey Zhuikov (Midway Coach)

7. Michael Mullery

8. Josiah Hendrickson

9. Noel Creager

10. John Schulte

11. Melissa Dahlmann

12. Todd Schneider

13. Jeffrey Steltz

14. Paul Meyering

15. James Sokolowski

16. Mack Hanson

17. Tim Pthen

18. Darril Otto

19. Madeline Lange

20. Andrew Yan

21. Allie Thunstrom

22. Giorgia Birkeland

23. Roger Olson

24. Gary Davis

25. Rabekah Raftschol

26. Sami Banat

27. Alison Talley

28. Charlie Auspos

29. Darrel Hauge

30. Christina Larson-Dickson

31. Melanie Pankow

32. Patrick Stream

33. Heather Luberts

34. Ken Huss

35. Scott Rohlik

36. Greta Meyers

37. Curtis Hendrickson

38. Andrew Helmich

39. Auggie Herman

40. Hans Meyers

41. Michael Pekarik – DQ’ed

42. Eric Elder

43. Jenna Barhost

44. Jenna Barhost

45. Jana Davis

46. Chuck Smerdon

47. Kathy Wagle

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My recollection is Rec skaters female top three are:

1. Allie Thunstrom (who is a skating phenom, not a rec skaters)

2. Giorgia Birkland (who was also on the Madeline podium)

3. Rebekah (Dyrud) Raftschol

Darrell looks at the finish line the way I look at chocolate cake!

It is tempting to start a chip timing company because it really is hard to believe it is this complicated.  Skaters/runners put a ton of effort into training and often pay large sums of money to compete, so accurate timing shouldn’t be a concern.  Additionally, next season we need to make sure there is different separation between the short running race and the inline event.  Rec skaters were having to dodge oblivious runners as they attempted to navigate the tricky downhill finish.  These races go away instantly if a serious collision were to occur, so it is every ones responsibility to prevent it.  But don’t let any of that take away, too much, from what was beautiful skating weather on a challenging course.  Thank you to the volunteers that made it happen.

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