Steve Meisinger Skates Away With It on Madeline Island

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The 2017 inline race season began Saturday on the south shore of Lake Superior.  Steve Meisinger skated away from the pack early in the Apostle Island Inline Marathon and was never caught.   Steve skates for Rainbo in Illinois and is one of the true gentlemen on the inline circuit.  Congratulations Steve on the “easy” win in a time of one hour and ten minutes on the nearly 27 mile course.

Three hundred and fifty skaters enjoyed absolutely perfect weather on Madeline Island Saturday morning.  This event has a history of rain, but today it was 70 and sunny with a light breeze.  These are the days you dream about when it is 20 below in January.  The weather forecast all week was all over the map with threats of rain ranging from 20% to 80%.  The rain, however, held off until hours after the race.

Skaters competed on the heavily wooded winding course that touches both sides of the island with sweeping views of Lake Superior.  The Marathon skaters completed three laps, the A Little More than Half Marathon skaters (ALMTH) completed two laps, and the Mad Fun skate was one time around.

Kara Parker had to battle, but she picked up the win in the Female Full Marathon.  Tucker Vincent won the Male Fitness/Rec marathon and Muriel Kennedy won the Female.  Midway Ice Speedskating coach Andrey Zhuikov and Giorgia Birkeland won the ALMTH.  The Mad Fun skates were won by Austin Davis and Christina Wagner.  Midway and the Greater Minnesota Speedskating Association have been very supportive of inline marathons and the Wednesday night oval racing series.  Come out to train at the Oval on Wednesday nights at the Summer Inline Series. Click here for more.

Remember to register for next weeks Roll for the Roses in Roseville, MN. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to all skaters that competed in the event.  A special note of recognition to the Canadian skater that had a frame break, but took his skates off and ran the rest of the way.

Note of thanks to team SAFE of California.  They were on the island early and used some of that time to help the volunteers prepare and sweep the course.  Team SAFE has a reputation of being warm, generous, and fast!

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Open Male

1. Steve Meisinger

2. Elias Hendrickson

3. Hernan Diaz

4. Matt Kitzis

5. Matt Brown

6. Josiah Hendrickson

7. Ryan Mullery

8. Peter Mackey

9. Dino Musielewicz

10. Kristofer Dzierzbicki

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Open Female

1. Kara Parker

2. Miranda Halsey

3. Hannah Vanasse

4. Sara Kehklau

5. Rebekah (Dyrud) Raftshol

Masters Male 30-39

1. Tavis Trosen

2. Chad Wilson

Masters Female 30-39

1. Molly Sievert

Veteran Male 40-49

1. Rainer Arnold

2. Robert Motta

3. Ben Hall

4. Brent Leaman

5. Uel Archuletta

6. Steve Wagner

7. Daniel Overby

8. Courtney Wagner

9. Chris Dunham

10. Jason Thiel

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Female 40-49

1. Veronica Luccioni

2. Megan Anderson

3. Molly Engler

Veteran Male 50-59

1. Jeff Terwilliger

2. Randy Plett

3. Kimon Papahadjopoulos

4. Chris Rojo

5. Gary Johnson

6. Matt Robinson

7. Michael Mullery

8. Brian Geisel

9. Herb Gayle

10. Greg Miller

11. John Schulte

12. Paul O’hern

13. Rick Abrahamson

14. Ovid Westin

15. Tommy Peterson

16. Jason Mann

17. Conrade Thomas

Veteran Female 50-59

1. Kristen Corr

2. Denise Kerr-Larson

3. Margo Carvell

Veteran Male 60+

1. Stephen Larios

2. John Garrett

3. Duane Wagner

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Recreational Marathon Male

1. Tucker Vincent

2. Tracy White

3. Roger Olson

4. Jeff Steltz

5. Adam Johnson

6. Matt Melanson

7. John Peck

8. Greg Ash

9. Travis Lambert

10. Guy Taccona

ALMT Marathon Female Rec

1. Giorgia Birkeland

2. Gia Griffiths

3. Heather Luberts

4. Jennifer LeSeure

5. Cheryl Conklin

6. Alison Talley

7. Julia Rudnicki

8. Rayna Meyer

Female Marathon Rec

1. Muriel Kennedy

2. Darcy Furtrell

3. Doris Casabona

4. Janice Kenworthy

5. Tonya Westphal

ALMT Half Marathon

1. Andrey Zhuikov

2. Jay Jackson

3. Jesse Peterson

4. Aaron Anderson

5. David Lawler

6. Ron Lowrie

7. Sami Banat


Mad Fun Skate


1. Austin Davis

2. Charles Searl

3. James Rajala

4. Paul Brunn

5. Josiah Wolbrink


1. Christina Wagner

2. Smantha Oliphant

3. Jean Richard

4. Martha Mayer

5. Becky Schwen

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