Summer Inline Series Results from Night #1


Skaters might not experience better weather conditions than they did Wednesday night. Temps in the low 70′s, crystal clear blue sky and a slight breeze.  The Summer Inline Series starts Wednesday nights at the oval around 6:00 PM.  If there are questionable weather conditions, please check for updates.  Racing is FREE.

Advanced skaters started the racing off with a swift six lap event that saw skaters hang together for the first four laps before Arne Boberg made a move and was then reeled in and passed by Tom Peterson and Jeff Terwilliger. Jeff and Tom would head into the final turn in a close battle, but a slight misstep by Tom was enough for Twig to pull away. Tom and Jeff would battle all night for the top spot with Jeff getting the better of it this night.

The second race for the Advanced skaters was a miss-and-out.  In a miss-and-out the skater in last place is eliminated from the race, each lap. Skaters were advised at the start line that on the first lap every skater that finished behind me was eliminated.  I took off at the start and waited for the pack to fly past me – they didn’t.  All skaters were eliminated on the first lap.  Skaters, however, thought I was kidding so they kept going.  Late arriving Greg Miller, missed the first race, but had plenty in the tank for the second race and had an impressive “third place” finish behind “winner” Jeff Terwilliger, and Tom Peterson.  Official scoring will reflect Jeff as the winner, but those in attendance know better.

A lazy race organizer wasn’t sure what to do for the third race so he rolled the dice – literally.  I rolled two dice and said we would multiple the value of the pips (yeah, those dots are called pips – I learned that from a commercial “The more you know”) .  The first die produced a six and skaters groaned as the other die, the multiplier, rolled to a halt.  It was a one – a snake eye – which set up a six lap third race.  With two more skaters competing than the first six lap race the results were quite different, except in the top two spots.

The final race for the advanced group was a two lap sprint.  Everyone hung together on the first lap before some big gaps opened up on the final lap.

Recreational skaters include the Peterson kids, Michael Johnson, who is an ice speedskater, Michael P, a dome skater with an admirable mustache, and Kevin Johnson, also known as Michael’s Dad.  Jesse would have a tight win in the first race, then comfortable wins in the next two events, before electing to sit out the final event due to soreness.  Recreational skaters alternated between two and three lap events.  Despite his winning three races, Jesse does not hold the nights point lead in the recreational division.  That honor goes to Michael Johnson who finished second to Jesse in three races and won in the race Jesse sat out.  Kylie had a great time making her way around the track.

Thank you to Mary Bos for the fantastic photography. Thank you to Katy Herman for running the skater registration.  Thank you to Kevin Elm and Matthew Johnson for making the arrangements and promoting the event via the City of Roseville, and to oval staff member Chris, and fan Cindy Johnson for assistance on Wednesday night.

Points are calculated on a per race basis.  First place is worth 10 points, second is worth 9, and so on.  The points totals for each race are added up for the totals below.  Skaters with questions about results should promptly let me know.  Skaters are encourage to consult with me after races to make sure the results are correctly recorded.

Night One Point Totals:


Jeff Terwilliger: 1 1 1 1 = 40
Tom Peterson: 2 2 2 2 = 36
Arne Boberg: 3 4 3 4 = 30
Michael Mullery: 4 6 6 6 = 22
Greg Miller:   x 3 4 5  = 21
Rand Landucciy: 5 5 7 7 = 20
Melissa Dahlmann: 6 7 7 8  = 16
Adam:  x x 5 3 = 14
Andy Uttke: 1 = 10 right?
Michael Johnson: 2 2 2 1 = 37
Jesse Peterson: 1 1 1 x = 30
Kylie Peterson: 3 3 5 4 =  29
Michael Pekarik: x  x 3 3 = 16
Kevin Johnson:  x x 4 2 = 16
Susan: x x x 5 = 6