Elm Creek Bench In Honor of Daryl Dahl


Elm Creek Bench In Honor of Daryl Dahl

When Andy Kostka passed away his neighbors and a few skaters raised the funds to have the park service place a bench with an honorary plaque in Elm Creek. We are in the process of doing the same to honor Daryl Dahl.  The skaters in attendance at the Memorial Skate raised $1,600 on Saturday.  That is enough to pay for the bench maintenance for 10 years, but skaters are seeking to reach the 20 year threshold of $2,250.

Below is Dan Collins e-mail explanation.  Jason Mann is acting as treasurer.

Did you know and skate with Daryl Dahl? If you knew Daryl then you knew he was someone who could definitely keep a secret. We used to call him “Double D” because he could be such a huge boob about keeping secrets until the last minute. You probably already know he recently passed away.
What you might not know is that we’re going to get a memorial bench for him along one of the paths at Elm Creek Park Reserve. Daryl loved skating Elm and it seems like a fitting memorial.
The park wants $1,500.00 for 10 years and $2,250.00 for 20 years which includes a plaque. We’ve already reached the amount for 10 years but we want to shoot for the 20 year bench. If you would like to contribute $5, $10, $25, $50, $32.78, or any other amount please click this link (paypal.me/DarylsBench). Jason “The Cone Tipper” Mann is managing the donations through this link. When you click the link Jason Mann Shell Lake WI will come up. He’s working with Ovidude and the Park people to get the bench set up. The link will be shut down when the total is reached.
We’ll keep people posted as this gets put together.

Thank you in advance.

Dan Collins