Dunfee Wins Big in Roseville

Skaters awoke to warm and humid conditions on Saturday morning in Roseville.  The annual 10k event lasted fewer than 16 minutes for Kelin Dunfee who quickly skated away from the field with his Adam’s Inline teammate Elias Hendrickson.  Hendrickson stayed with Dunfee for a while, but was eventually dropped.  Dunfee finished nearly a mile ahead of the pack – which is a substantial lead in such a short race.  In third place was Rowdy Larson once again posting a strong finish with his Hoiggard’s teammate Jeff Terwilliger right on his tail.  TWINCAM teammates Gary Johnson and Chris “Sabertooth Crossfit” Lomen were the next pair across the line.  Andrey Zhuikov, coach of the Midway Speedskating Club, and Michael Mullery rounded out the top eight.

I was able to get the start and finish photos, but thank you to Ray Larson for getting the shots in between.

UPDATE: As of 6/29 the results posted appear to be corrected. With the exception of the order of Josiah/Hannah/Todd who are separated by fractions, the reported top 20 results correspond to what was observed and photographed.   (Reported results by Anderson Racing are wrong (but linked to here).  Notice how skaters with a slower time are occasionally listed ahead of skaters with a faster time – how does that happen? Even if those egregious errors were fixed the order is still wrong and the times are still inaccurate. Notice in the photos how Rowdy and Twigs finish inches apart, but the scoring shows them one minute and five seconds apart.  Photos will govern for scoring in the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix.)

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UPDATED: Reported results appear mostly correct, after initially being absurdly incorrect. (Official results by Anderson Racing are wrong, based on the photos it looks like the following is substantially more accurate):

1. Kelin Dunfee 15:53 (a 2:33 per mile pace)

2. Elias Hendrickson 16:40

3. Rowdy Larson 17:36

4. Jeff Terwilliger

5. Gary Johnson

6. Chris Lomen

7. Andrey Zhuikov

8. Michael Mullery

9.  Noel Creager

10. Hannah Hedrickson

11. Todd Schneider

12. Josiah Hendrickson

13. Earl Kendall

14. Dan Collins

15. Paul Meyering

16. Ryan Mullery

17.  Randy Landucci

18. Greg Miller

19. Jeff Steltz

20. Gary Yanagita

21. Jim Sokolowski

22. Jensynn Jordan

One of the volunteers near the finish line saw me cheering on skaters as they went through the final turn and asked me jokingly:  ”Do you know all of these skaters?” Yeah, up to that point I did know all of them.  These are our friends and the people we spend a great deal of time training and racing with.

Click here for the photo gallery.