Swider-Peltz edges Dunfee on Sunny Madeline Island

Dunfee Dethroned On Madeline Island

The Madeline Island event was finally accompanied by accommodating weather, which led to faster times at the top.  Kelin Dunfee and Jeffery Swider-Peltz (son of Nancy Swider-Peltz who competed in four Olympics as a U.S. Long Track Speedskater) broke away from the pack and beat them by miles with a time of 1:06.  Elias Hedrickson followed by Steve Meisinger led the field across the line some six minutes later.  Rowdy Larson posted an impressive 1:15:52, followed closely by Chris (“Sabertooth Crossfit“) Lomen.  Click here for photos from the Apostle Island Inline Marathon.

Kara Parker won the ladies event followed by Hannah Hendrickson.  Chris Rojo was first across the line in the Vet category. Jeff “Twig” Terwilliger edged Randy Plett by a wheel in the Grand Vet category.  Margo Carvell beat Lois Swanberg by a couple wheels in the ladies Pro Vet.  Randy Landucci, fresh off the disabled list, picked up a win in the Super Grand Vet with an impressive 1:23.  Partial results are provided below.  Thank you to Schulte for passing them along.  Thank you to the Larsons for sending so many photos – see them in the gallery: Click here for the  photos from the Apostle Island Inline Marathon.

Photos from the Apostle Island Inline Marathon

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Photos from the Apostle Island Inline Marathon