Rowdy Edges Dunfee in 50k / Isaac Harker Dominates Loppet 25k


Inliners Win Both Races

On the afternoon of February 5th, 2016, Lake Calhoun was the site of the Loppet’s 25k speedskating event.  The day began at about four degrees, but steadily warmed to a comfortable mid-twenties with a modest breeze and occasional flurries.  Among the few dozen skaters to partake were many familiar faces including Randy Landucci, Ken Huss, Dave Montgomery, Brandon Molenda, Rebekah Dyrud, a German team skater, and members of the Midway and Twin Cities Speedskating Clubs.  I even recognized a few familiar faces from ye ole Metrodome.  But the fastest skater on the 1k oval of rough ice was Isaac Harker.   His father credited his summers spent inlining on rough, uneven, and rugged pavement for preparing him for success on the awkward and choppy lake ice.

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A few skaters appeared to begin quickly and then realized how greatly the conditions differed from the oval.  The skaters that appeared most comfortable were on marathon skates – a nordic ski boot with an extended and wider blade attached.  When I saw the condition of the ice I was glad I hadn’t signed up.  Many skaters opted to complete only a few laps and then pulled out.  The narrow skating lane made for the occasional traffic jam.

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25k Results:

No.    Name                    Age Sex City              Time
====== ======================= === === ================= ========
   820 Isaac Harker             15   M St Paul           0:59:17
   817 Patrick Dillon           59   M Bozeman           1:05:51
   835 Marion Wohlrab                F Park City         1:12:46
   829 Michael Soto             33   M Alhambra          1:15:38
   834 Brian Wray               32   M Crystal           1:19:32
   836 Steve Faltesek           60   M Saint Paul        1:21:13
   822 Daniel King              35   M Saint Paul        1:25:55
   824 Colten Mishek            15   M Roseville         1:27:45
   807 Madeline Lange           14   F Saint Paul        1:29:29
   819 Mack Hanson              15   M Mounds View       1:30:19
   813 Sami Banat               13   M Saint Paul        1:31:08
   802 Giorgia Birkeland        13   F White Bear Lake   1:34:07
   821 Ken Huss                 64   M Plymouth          1:36:19
   828 Eric Schilling           39   M Ham Lake          1:37:54
   818 Doug Endres              68   M Denver            1:39:10
   815 Ralph Bovard             63   M Minneapolis       1:40:28
   809 Marie Winget             44   F Nashville         1:42:14
   803 Erin Carter              14   F Roseville         1:43:56
   827 Brandon Sandberg         20   M Plymouth          1:47:57
   806 Teresa Gonske            48   F Arden Hills       1:48:54
   825 Howard Morris            60   M Saint Paul        1:51:28
   832 Alexander Tovb           16   M Plymouth          1:51:44
   833 Mark Winholtz            64   M Andover           1:59:30
   801 Dorothy Bialke           49   F Maple Grove       2:17:43

50k Results

No.    Name                    Age Sex City              Time
====== ======================= === === ================= ========
   916 Rowdy Larson                  M Roseville         1:57:47
   911 Kelin Dunfee                  M St. Paul          1:58:27
   909 Martin Burg                   M Edina             2:28:22
   910 Patrick Dillon                M Bozeman           2:30:32
   903 Samantha Eide                 F Roseville         2:40:35
   902 Lillian Brown                 F Edina             2:44:39
   914 Ulrich Fink                   M Maple Grove       2:49:23

Saturday brought warm but windy conditions to the Loppet.  It is an incredible accomplishment to skate that distance, 31 miles, on that rugged surface at any speed.  But to do it at 15.8 mph is really something.  Great job guys.  One also has to admire the persistence of the determin’ German Ulrich Fink.

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